Safety equipment

Here are some medical alert systems they connect through a phone line and are a one time purchase. Your loved one may be a fall risk and to help maintain more independence these will help in the event of a fall or emergency.


Here are safety items for the bedroom.

Bed rails that can be put onto a regular bed is good to prevent rolling out of bed or sliding off at night.

Adding a bedside hand rail can assist getting out of bed if your loved one is unsteady.

Alarms are a good tool if your loved one tries to get out of bed with needed assistance. (This is important for cases of dementia)

These are some examples of alarms in case your loved one wanders. (AN important tool for Dementia Cases)

Door Alarms for Senior Safety
Jane's Senior Products in partnership with Puzzle with Me

Here are some options for cameras to monitor your loved one in the home. If your loved one is home alone at night you can keep an eye on them even if you can't be there 24 hours a day.

Here is a caregiver pager so that your loved one can get ahold of you anywhere in the house.