What is the difference between Home health and Homecare?

Starting with care in the home is always the best option for a loved one if it can meet their needs. Most people are more comfortable at home and this gives them a feeling of security especially is cases of dementia. Staying at home can be difficult. Start with medical needs medical needs are things like wound care also medications administration like IVs and pic lines or oxygen. Medical needs are met by home health the terms are important because home health will take care of the medical needs and set up therapy in the home, but they usually come in for about an hour a day and sometimes provide an aid for bathing, but you are responsible the other 23 hours a day. Private duty Home care is the other 23 hours a day that help with bathing, dressing, meals, housework, and transportation mostly it’s what a family member does for a loved one. Depending on resources start with friends and family to see what you can do yourself or with their help to make it easier. Care in the home can be quite expensive. Medical Insurance will cover things like home health for the medical needs but not the rest of the care. Sometimes it may be less expensive to retire early or take a leave of absence from work to help your loved one. Using a family member can help if they move in or care for their loved one instead of working and each situation is different. Meet with your loved ones and discuss your options. Getting home care through a licensed agency is always a good idea it leaves you with assurances that if something is not right it will be handled. With an agency there is liability and someone watching over the caregivers. Check into companies in the area and make sure they are licensed and bonded also check with the DHHS in your state and make sure they are approved. Different states have different rules some states don't even require a license. You can always consider reviews online or with the better business bureau, but word of mouth is the best way to find a good company. Ask local doctors and nurses to see if any names keep popping up with good reputations. Take the time to select the right company for you, the prices are usually within a few dollars an hour of each other so try to get the best.