Dementia and Daily Routine

This article is about a man that has been caring for his wife with Alzheimer's for a decade. It is a sweet story and a good example of a routine for a person with dementia. A routine needs to have structure from dressing and bathing to meal times and cognitive stimulation. Get into a routine where you make room for some bonding time with an activity for your love one.  Try walking outside, an easy board game, listening to the radio for an hour a day. Your loved one may be confused but will still have some sense of what is going on. Try to use music to help while getting ready for a meal of when it’s time to get dressed.  Having a routine with music can help to trigger your loved one to know it’s time to preform a task like get ready and dressed for the day. Having routine is very important to a person with dementia. Routine can help keep your loved one be at home as long as possible. This man knows what his wife likes and has a rigid structure that helps her with managing her daily life. For someone with Dementia a change in routine can be very hard. It is also imperative that you write down the routine and have it available in case of an emergency. If another family member has to come in or a new caregiver this can make the transition much smoother. What if something happens to you as the main caregiver?  If you were suddenly taken to the hospital or had an accident the routine is set and your loved one with dementia can cope much better. Get a routine and write it down in case of an emergency you never know what will happen so be prepared so that your loved one will have the best chance possible of being safe and comfortable in the home.