I hear from people all the time "where do I start?"


When you have a loved one gets diagnosed with a serious illness or can't live alone anymore it is hard to know where to start. We are here to advise and inform you through this process.

My father had a stroke should I move him into a nursing home?

My mother has dementia what should I do to keep her home?

How do I choose a homecare company?

Where do I start?

At CRS Senior Care Information we are here to help you with making the choices for your loved one. Offering information, advice, and tips to help guide you through the process of getting care for your loved one.


 This is a guide to help get you started

This is a plainly spoken e-book to help guide you through the process of setting up care for a loved one. This guide starts with some of the common health issues and helps you with the decision of homecare or a facility. We give you questions to ask and some things to watch out for. This guide is here so that you can make the best choice in care.  There are some checklists to go over and safety tips this e-book is a good starting point for you to find the appropriate care for your loved one.

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